Friday, December 15, 2006

The Law of Attraction is Keeping me Fit!

Here's a story about the law of attraction manifesting what you want in your life. The Law of Attraction is the principle that the things you consistently focus on begin to be magnetized to you and find their way into your life... be they good or bad. It's sort of like karma.

I exercise every day and it's just a part of my morning routine. If I don't do it I feel stiff and dopey all day, and after a while I get really skinny and physically weak. Before I made it my habit to do strength training every day I hovered around 140 pounds... and I'm six feet tall, so that makes for one skinny dude. Add a little pot belly to that and I'm not feeling too attractive either. So I like to do strength training to keep at least somewhat bulked up and feeling strong and energetic.

There are certain exercises my body craves and I never had the space for the gear that would allow me to do it. These are body weight exercises, akin to moves one would use to climb a tree. For years I've wished I had a sturdy waist-high bar... ever since I saw Bette Midler in the movie "Ruthless People" (with Danny DeVito) where she gets kidnapped and spends her time working out in her strangely harmless captor's basement, making herself stronger by placing a broom stick across two chair backs and doing a sort of reverse push ups... pull ups. That was the exercise I really wanted to be able to do and never could. the chairs and broomstick just seemed too unstable and even dangerous. I've been messing around with free-weights but those are mostly weight lifting exercises. I wanted body lifting exercises. But I made due with the free-weights, power yoga, and some running and got some pretty good results.

Then one night I'm up late, a bit bored, so I flip on the TV (a truly rare event for me) and catch the tail end of this infomercial for a device called "the Lebert Equalizer"... which happens to be everything I've been dreaming of having and more! Not only did it offer the upside down push/pull ups, but it also had a bunch of other cool exercises. Wow, get me some of those! I thought... and then another program came on and I promptly turned off the TV and went to bed, forgetting all about the cool Equalizer thing.

Fast forward to weeks later. My wife says, "Hey, I just found out our friend Marc is totally into personal development just like you are! You guys should get together!" Mark is a personal trainer and owns a gym, called Fuel, in Mississauga, Ontario, just outside of Toronto. So, after a volley of emails between me and Marc I make an astonishing discovery... My friend Marc Lebert is the inventor of the Equalizer! I couldn't believe it! Not only that, but he came to my house and showed me some exercises I could do with them and gave me a short set of exercises to use as a daily routine (see the illustration above).

Now I've been doing this short routine almost every day for 9 days and I'm experiencing really noticeable muscle growth. I'm almost 40 years old now and I've never been this muscular before in my life... not even when I was planting trees all day for 8 weeks every summer in my 20's. Now I'm up to 160 pounds and lean. So that's 20 pounds of extra muscle, and these Equalizer bars have a lot to do with it now, breaking me past a plateau in my progress. So my body was right in craving these things... and the universe brought them to me! Thanks again, Law of Attraction!

Above is an illustration of the exercise routine Marc gave me. It really fills in the gaps my yoga and free-weights can't fill... especially in the triceps, upper back and chest. Click here to check out his website and see more exercises and applications for this simple and incredibly versatile device, plus fitness tips and info.

Scott Mooney

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