Friday, November 17, 2006

Blessing for Dollars

I think I've just had an epiphany about money and business... I describe it below in an email I just sent to my life/business/EFT coach, Paul Cutright. He's been helping me adjust my attitude toward money, since I tend to struggle with the issue quite a bit... issues of deservedness, or ability. One of the things he suggested I try as a way to adjust my thinking on it is when I recieve money, hold it in my hands, look at it, and bless it. Hold it and be grateful for it. Today I received a cheque for something. I tried it, and here's what came out of it. The email said:

Hi Paul...

I'm sitting here looking at a cheque I was sent, payment for an illustration license, and I'm blessing it like you said to do, and suddenly I can see that this money isn't even cash... but it's still money... it's just a piece of paper with an agreement on it. Money is just an agreement. It's a little piece of good faith. It's a simple denotation of an exchange of value. And somehow I can see that value is love. I'm not getting an articulate connection right now, but I can sense the thread there. Love is nothing but a particular intention... which is a particular pattern of energy (and is simultaneously information) that we create with our thought.

So, I think the trick to making money is to structure the exchange of love so that it is expressed as currency. I lovingly give my value, preferably in a way that it is self replicating outside of myself structured as a business. My business is an expression of my love for the world. And then the love which that inspires in others is returned to me as money, and I receive that money gratefully as I would receive someone's love... which I reciprocate with even more love... and so on. And so it grows. And that is how good business thrives.

I feel like I'm sitting on an epiphany here. Like it's more than words, it's a real guttural visceral understanding. I'm just holding on to the thread here, drawing it in slowly.

Thanks Paul!
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