Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Resisting What's Good For You?

I want to share a little something with anyone who is struggling with their own resistance to growth.Sometimes we're resistant to something because we've outgrown it, or it's not right for us. But sometimes we resist stuff even if we're quite sure it is right for us. Seems weird, right? blink.gif It could be self sabotage. It could simply be the natural resistance to change in general. Or perhaps it's something else. In any case, here's a little thing I wrote for my computer's desktop image and screen saver to help me remember a valuable principle... that the discomfort of resistance is actually a good sign! It means you are growing and pushing your way towards the sunlight! Pushing your way past the limitations of your comfort zone. Here's what I wrote:

Feeling resistance to stuff?

That means you're growing!
Pushing your envelope!
Exploring new territory!
Escaping your comfort zone!

Way to go, Champ!

Here, I'll post the jpeg image for you to use as your desktop pattern (looks good on a black background) on your computer.